E. A. S.

Timothy Queen

Everyone was very nice and sympathetic to my problems.

Carolyn C.


Dr. Queen has made my life so much better. Throughout my childhood and adult life I would have several sinus infections every year. I breathed through my mouth most of the time, especially when sleeping. About 15 years ago, Dr. Queen repaired my deviated septum and had me undergo allergy testing. The allergy testing resulted in allergy shots, which I … Read More

R. D. Carey, Jr.


I have been a patient of Dr. Timothy Queen since he set up his original practice in the Oyster Point area. As a child I had suffered from asthma, but was able to overcompensate and became a distance runner in high school. Unfortunately, allergies began to make simple tasks like cutting grass almost impossible. I spent many sleepless nights in … Read More