Nasal Irrigation Treatments & Solutions

  • Create normal saline solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 quart of boiling water.
  • Store the solution in a plastic bottle at room temperature.
  • Purchase a bulb syringe from the drug store.
  • Squeeze bulb syringe, please it into the saline solution, and release the bulb to fill the syringe.
  • While leaning over a sink, insert the tip of the syringe about 1-2 centimeters into each nostril.
  • Gently squeeze the bulb syringe to irrigate the nose.
  • Blow the nose gently after the first irrigation.
  • Repeat the irrigation with the second syringe full of saline on the same side.
  • Follow the steps above to irrigate the other nostril.
  • Perform these irrigations at least four times per day.
  • Commercially prepared nasal saline sprays may be used in between irrigations to help moisturize the nasal mucosa.
Irrigations using a water pick:
  • Mix solution as described above.
  • Set the irrigator to the lowest pressure setting.
  • Insert the irrigator tip into the nostril.

While leaning over a sink, irrigate the nose for 30 seconds.